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NFT ART laurentvoanh – October 18, 2021 · 1470 Comment

Are you an NFT collector, an artist or a creator, an NFT influencer , or do you belong to our NFT investor club ?

So you know, selling or buying an NFT work is costly in GAS costs, given the block chains which, as they grow, become an increasingly greedy crypto algorithm, even reaching saturation point.

Do you want to sell or buy an NFT at 2 euros in ETH? Ok, on opensea for the minter you will pay 143 euros! Nice, see, in fact, totally stupid!

So our idea is to overcome these flaws:

1 / Generative generous art

By buying the blue NFT, for example, you pay at obor.fr: 2 euros, either by making a prepaid phone call, or by paypall. Thus you avoid the GAS charges of your crypto wallet.

But the advantage of OBOR.FR is that it uses art generators for these artists as you can see in our experimental tool: crypto currency generator for tiktokers.

So when you buy this image, you have in addition the script which helped to do it, and all the images generated by the generator, that is to say between 300 and 10 000 free NFT.

Indeed to create the NFT that you bought we generated more than 10,000 models as below:

Why keep and sell all these NFTs?

Because often artists throw in images that the client would love! But also to make a huge promotion on the sale price.

2 / How does the customer get their tokens on the block chain?

Once OBOR receives your money, it pays:

And finally :

It is important to see here that we are the only ones certified for this type of operation and that the creators offer a free and optimal solution so that the investment quickly becomes profitable.

3 / The advantages?

For artists and influencers, this is a big plus, because often 90% of their customers, subscribers, fans, do not have cryptocurrency and know the block chain from afar.

Payment by allo pass is super simple, as well as with paypall which are common modes of use.

Artists as well as investors have a solution that integrates the complete ecosystem of the block chain, but above all no more secretary, forms to fill out, mouse clicks, here, the artist, the influencer but also the client, have in a few clicks huge personal stores of NFT.

Are you an artist, do you send a work? It’s just a 2 minute form. We create more than 20,000 coins and 1,000 banknotes from your work. But also all the sales areas as well as immediate protection of your copyright on the block chain.

Are you an NFT buyer? Did you buy an NFT on obor.fr for 70 euros? With our system you can resell it more expensive on your opensea but also on our site (without gas costs for your buyer).

The idea of ​​the whole concept is to centralize purchases to avoid costs, and decentralize on the block chain so that it is also a real NFT, but in reality, NFT-OBORs are stronger in terms of profitability, accessibility, management while being 100% NFT standards!

4 / How to participate as an artist, influencer, creator, activist?

At the moment we are helping to promote top moment tiktoks in order to better pose the market. But our goal is not to work with tiktok which will certainly launch its own NFT service just as instagram seems to do.

To join us as artists, please join the waiting list by registering below laurentvoanh613@gmail.com

5 / How to invest in NFT-OBOR?

For any purchase over 500 euros, we offer a pack of 20,000 NFTs as a bonus

Note that the site is in french, when you will be redirect on you shopping card please select in the menu : english language.

Some works of NFT generative ART: